Thursday, July 1

Play time

Ah what fun today was.  It starts with a phone call from an old friend mentioning a job opening at my old school.  This is a great thing but very difficult to process.  I had discussed it with my hubby last week about returning to work and decided that the only way I would try to go back was if my old job opened up.  I was excited about Kenzie starting VPK and the time I would get to be with just Connor.  However, after prayers and thinking, I realized that if I returned to work, I could help so many more.  Since my mother wakes later and usually only calls me after 3, this should work out ok-if I get it. I am happy to return to the work force but torn inside because of leaving my children.  I have loved being a stay at home mother :). 

 After this call, I talked to my mother and drove over to her house.  My father was out mowing and my brother was with him.  I know that my dad was a very happy man this morning to be working with his son.  My brother has been spending so much time with mom and she is giddy.  Now my dad gets the reward of Kevin.  Golden Boy has been reinstated!!!!
Back to my mother: 
She was very frazzled this morning and was upset because of the time it took me to get there.  Once there, she immediately commandeered Kenzie.  She wanted to play with the Pamela doll that she gave to Kenzie a week ago.  The problem was she could not remember how to play with it.  First she takes out the cartridge and plastic stickie book.  Kenzie loves it and is playing with it.  My mother kept telling her it was not right.  She cannot play with it on the floor and the stickies had a certain place to go.  In my mother's mind, the monkey had to go where the monkey's home was, the popcorn stickie in the popcorn machine, the parrot in the cage etc.To Kenzie the monkey looked great in the sky with popcorn on his head.  I noticed mom getting much more agitated and angry.  She called me back in to tell me that Kenzie was too young and doing it all wrong.  Kenzie wanted to play with the stickers and my mother now wanted to show her the cartridge that goes in the back of the doll so that she will say things about the zoo.  The problem is that Kenzie was the least bit interested in the doll at the moment and my mother could not understand that.  She started getting angrier and decided that because Kenzie would not play her way, she could not have the doll or the stickies.  Understand that this is a doll Kenzie has had for a week now and enjoys very much.  My mother says that Kenzie is too young and won't listen to her.  Kenzie starts to cry and then mom starts to cry.  Kenzie runs out of the room and my mom starts yelling at me.  She tells me it is my fault and that I should not take it away.  I want to laugh but with a serious face, I ask mom how we can solve the problem.  She tells me that I should teach Kenzie the right way to play with the toy.  I go to Kenzie and hold her for a bit.  I talk to her and see if she wants to go home or try to play Gigi's way.  I remind her about her mind and how difficult it is for Gigi to play Kenzie's way.  She wipes her tears away and says she will help.  I smile inwardly and feel blessed to have this little girl.  Meanwhile, Connor is as content as a railroad conductor listening to Thomas the train songs on the Internet.   I bring Kenzie back in and show her what Gigi was trying to say.  Problem solved and the two resume playing like two little girls.  I go to dance with Connor and wait for the next issue. 
Later on, we all start playing together.  Connor is being a little ham and showing off for Gigi.  Love it.  We eat dinner and my mom starts playing a game with Kenzie.  She sits there pretending she does not know who Kenzie is.  She pretends the dog is Kenzie and keeps saying who are you?  What is your name?  You are that dog.  No you are that boy.  The entire time I cannot help thinking that in a few months this might be a reality. She has a hard time recalling Kenzie's name and often refers to her as that girl.  After a bit more, we pack up and head back home.  As we go to the car, my son grabs my hand and leads me to the door.  He then grabs Gigi's hand and walks with her to the car. My heart again flutters and I am blessed.  The topping to this wonderful morning, my father has given me a laptop!!!!!!!He got a great deal on one and decided to give me his.  Ah soo happy. 


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