Tuesday, July 27

Dad is the Golden Boy???

What a strange reversal of roles that transpired today.  Yesterday, my brother headed over to my mom's and spent five hours watching movies, feeding her, cleaning up her poop (yes she had an accident just when he was leaving)  Nothing like watching your mother come outside crying with her dainties wrapped around her ankles hobbling through the door to the outside world. After getting her back in the house, he had to clean up the area and the mess. Yuck-Kevin you earned a gold star for your work with her.  She was in a great mood when I arrived shortly after Kev left.  When my dad showed up, she lost it.  I believe there was too much auditory, olfactory, and visual stimulation and my mother jsut lost it.  She started to cuss my dad out in front of the wee ones and I removed them to another room.  When I thought she had calmed down, I went back in to check on her.  Dad was in the shower and mom was seemingly ok.  She started to cuss about my dad and I gently reminded her of the children. She said go home then and tossed a wooden bowl on the floor.  She proceeded to kick the bowl around the room.  She grabbed my stuff and handed it to me and yelled for me to GET OUT.  I decided to leave-unfortunately I did not get to talk to my dad before I left.  She ranted on Dad until 8 or so and then was fine. 

Today Kevin went up there again for another 5 1/2 hours.  He went to get her groceries, watched Charmed with her, and made her some food.  She was doing ok until he came back from shopping.  She did not like the sub he got for her and she had an extremely long fit.  Exchange bast*** for bi*** and it was the same rundown as Friday night.  He and I became the evil children and Dad for the first time ever became golden boy.  How funny that I am guilty by association now.  It seems if she is mad at Dad, she is mad at me and if she is mad at Kevin she is mad at me.  Very bizarre but it works since when she is mad, I get less phone calls which in turn equals more play time with my beautiful babies.  A few phone calls and she is ok again.  She had a brief episode this evening but way shorter and not as aggressive.  During this afternoon's fit, she hit herself, hit the bed, started her EHHHHEHHHHHEHHHHHHHHHH for twenty minutes, and then would not respond at all.  Kevin stepped out of the house to call me and she locked him out. 

This has been such a busy week-not the best for her to experiment without her medication.  Many projects due in school, crazy busy with Works in Faith-the grant is finished and I just have to print and mail.  I spent Saturday and Monday with clients and have a very full week ahead.  The saving grace is that my two little ones are going to VBS and I will actually have myself a 3 hour break on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Ahhhh peace I can hear it now.  I love my little dears but considering that I have not any babysitting for me to just be in my house alone in two years or more has me slightly giddy.  I am locking my doors tomorrow and finalizing some projects :). 

We have a blog now with so if you want, check it out.  It just summarizes the work we do for our clients.  I thank you all for your support. I feel so blessed to have the support of my family and to be their support.  I am so fortunate that my father is doing so much for my mother.  I also am amazed at what my brother is doing. He is such a devoted and loyal son and it is comforting to go through this with both of them.  It is definitely an adventure and keeps us on our toes. 


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