Wednesday, July 7

It's been awhile since I have been hated

Friday night went rather ok.  I got to see Manfield's Park again and thankfully I do not mind the movie too much.  I do like those old fashion theme movies.  My mom was rather distracted and no longer seems to really watch the movies.  It seems more like an obligation to me-she shows little enjoyment at anything anymore. Even with Mackenzie, she can no longer play with her.  Kenzie's imagination has far exceeded hers and my mom cannot keep up with her.  It frustrates her and she gets angry. Mackenzie has been her pride and joy and she realizes that she cannot do anything with her. When my mother is talking to Kenzie, she cannot recall the words needed to explain or express.  In fact on Saturday, I had Kenzie spend time with both Jeep and Gigi.  My mother's language and behaviors were constantly inappropriate and I realized that the days of Kenzie going up there are over.  My mother is very jealous of my dd playing with Kenzie and gets upset.  She thinks nothing of calling my dad a f****** bas**** or telling Kenzie that Jeep is lying.  was on the phone with Kenzie as she tells my dad you lie Jeep you're lying. 

The rest of the weekend went ok-I came up on Monday with both kids to visit with mom after my brother spent the entire morning and afternoon at her house.  They went to Walmart, Blockbuster, CVS, Walgreens, and Publix.  Five hours later, they arrived home.  Kevin has been doing so much with Mom and I know that Dad appreciates it.  I came up int he afternoon with dinner so that Dad did not have to cook.  She was not doing so well-she was rather tired.  We stayed for a few hours and when the kids were finished, we left.  That night mom called asking me to come up to help her cut her pill in half.  On my way to her house, I get a phone call from her.  She is kicking my dad out because of smoke.  I tell her she cannot live alone anymore and cannot kick him out.  She started to cuss me out calling me a bi***.  The funny thing is after saying some mean things, she hung up on me and tried to call my brother.  When I answered she said to herself "oh shi* the bi*** answered.  Then to me she said I do not want to ever talk to you it is Kevin I want.  Ah well.  The good thing is I had to leave for my inlaws on Tuesday so at least it won't add to Kevin and Dad's day.  She did call today to say she was ok and is now not mad at me.  I still have not told her I am out of town and am going to try to keep it that way.  I am afraid she will freak if she knows. 
This morning she already freaked on my dad.  She called him to come home and check the washing machine.  When he did, she got upset that he smelled like gas and ran into the house. She came back out with a glass of hot water and proceeded to throw it at him and then throw the glass down.  Of course it shattered and Dad was left soaking wet with glass everywhere.  At least it is hot here and so maybe it cooled him down once the water cooled.  Now she is doing find.  Here is my thought.  We have not had major freak outs since she started risperdone.  Yesterday she took only a half of the pill since she wants to take half in the morning half in the night.  So she only had half the dose.  This morning she freaked out before she took the other half of risperdone.  She is doing great now.  She also got some niacin amide and will start taking that.  Has anyone tried it and if so how were the results.  I am going to keep an observation to see if there is any change.  She is taking 500 mg today and will eventually increase it to 1200 mg a day.  Let me know if you know anything about this!!!


Susan Higgins said...

HI Kimberly,
It probably is the drug that your mom is taking. My mom can't take any drugs.

Does your mom hallucinate about people and animals? Does she have parkinson symptoms with tremors?

Often folks are misdiagnosed as having Alzheimer's when they really have Lewy Bodies Dementia. Lewy Bodies Dementia folks are sensitive to almost every medicine.

The Lewy Bodies Dementia Association has a website that is very good. There's also a Yahoo group for LBD - lots of care givers write about the different drugs and how they react with their loved ones.

My mom does natural remedies that we have prescribed by a licensed Naturopath Doctor. He also does Acupuncture. My mom had a treatment 2 weeks ago and she was able to find her words. She is able to talk on the phone again and follow conversations. She watched 2 movies back to back over the weekend, BY HERSELF and she laughed at the right times.

Acupuncture works for dementia. I wrote a few posts about it and also included the abstract studies which I gave to our ND. He read the study and now we will use acupuncture to help my mom.

Your mom sounds frustrated, just like my mom. My mom even began hating me (her care giver 24 x 7) ... but acupuncture helped us turn the corner.

Next week is mom's birthday. My entire family is getting together to celebrate, something we never thought would be possible again.

There is always a solution... my dad taught me this and it's what has helped me to help my mom. I hope if you decide to try Acupuncture, it gives your mom similar results.

Write me if you have questions.

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