Tuesday, July 13

In cognito

I made it back from MS late late last night and am very tired.  Cannot believe I pulled off traveling to MS without her knowing.  Thanks to Dad and Kevin for keeping her occupied while I was gone.  She was so off the wall that I fear if she had known, she would have been much worse.  I did do movie night this evening and am getting ready to sleep.  I did take a quick snap shot of my mother and will share it with you.  Just being away from her for a week, I can see such a difference. 

Kevin heads out tomorrow so keep him in your prayers as he travels.  Let me know what you think of the new blog style.  I have played with many different ideas and have settled on this one for a bit.  I will fine tune it tomorrow or sometime this week.  New blog tomorrow to mention the progression of mom.  Night everyone.


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