Tuesday, June 29

Such a change

What a difference Risperdal makes in the lives of those that take care of an ailing Alzheimer's patient. I must say that I do not have any more crazy antics that make us chuckle instead of pull our hair out.  We get to laugh because it is truly funny.  Case in point:  Sunday afternoon.  Mom mentions to Dad that she wants to go to the place that dings.  I am sure he started sweating at this point because the only place that I know of that dings and she once liked is a casino. 
Ironically, it is what her mother liked (a lot) and my mom took her as one of her big last outings.  So Dad calls both my brother and I and ask our advice.  I laugh and Kevin laughs.  We ask him if he is crazy or suicidal.  He mentions that mom really wants to go. Again we ask is he crazy.  Let's see first, loud noises-not good for her over sensitive hearing.  Second, smoking facility-not good for the smell plus my mother is psycho about smoke.  Third, confusing machines, not good for her mental state.  Four, the long long long drive, not good for Dad, mom, and fellow drivers on the road.  Five, there is not one possible good reason for taking her unless he is seriously mental.  Six hours later and not one phone call.  I am thinking either she is taken away, Dad is taken away, or both.  I get this amazing phone call from an extremely happy and mellow mother stating how much fun she had. WHHHHHHHHHATTTTTTTTTTT??? My mother having fun and at a casino... Miracles continue to happen and I am completely perplexed.  My brother is completely perplexed. My father is completely perplexed.  The only one who is not, is my mother who is as giddy as a child at Christmas. Wow.

Sadly, though, the risperdal is definitely changing my mother.  She is having a much harder time at the simplest of tasks.  Some days she is unable to use the phone.  She cannot brush her own hair well. She is unaware of days and time now.  Even her ultra sharp memory for an Alzheimer's patient is dwindling.  She refers to my daughter as that girl and has an increasingly difficult time with me when I discipline Kenzie.  I am talking about just telling Kenzie no.  I am at the point where I can not have both of the kids with me and even bringing Kenzie is almost out of the question.  Connor I still can bring because my mother is not as possessive over him.  She displays such jealousy if Kenzie wants anyone else's attention or if anyone talks, plays, or interacts with Kenzie.  Also, the things my mother says is now being mimicked by my daughter.  "I am stupid, I hate you, I wish you were dead, Oh S***, and some other choice statements.  Not Good especially considering she starts VPK in two months.  I can image her pre-K teachers now....Oh Boy.


Joy Walker said...

I'm looking for blogs on Alzheimer's and Lewy Body to link to my own, and found yours through one of my followers. Your site is lovely and I"m sorry for the challenges with your mother. Come check me out at Take care! Joy

Kimberly said...

Thank you Joy and welcome to my blog. I will definetly check out your site.

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