About Me

Welcome to my crazy world of being a mother of two young ones and helping with my mother who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's two years ago.  I have been married for almost ten years (this year is ten if Jason and I actually remember it :)I have two little children; Kenzie who is four, and Connor who is two.  We think of adding a third one to this group every now and then but then I look at my life and say not now.  We started a non profit last year called Works in Faith Inc and provide home repairs to those that cannot afford it.  While this is our original idea, God had different ideas.  We help in whatever way we can and develop a wonderful relationship with our clients.  Of course you can visit it at and we always welcome help of any kind (sorry for the plug).   On top of that, I am enrolled for my masters and will complete it this fall.