Tuesday, July 20

Thank Goodnes he is back!!

My brother is back and I am jumping for joy.  What a crazy week this has been. After our mini vacation, we were thrown into our lives with such force and vigor.  The next day back I was head deep into obligations and necessities.  After tomorrow, I will have a slight break for a day. 
Last night, I headed over to my mom's to help her with her hair.  I believe last night will be the last time that we dye her hair.  She had no idea what was going on.  She was full of her vinegar spirit which made the task even harder.  After I applied the dye to her hair, she was very fidgety.  She kept asking how long and why it was taking such a long time.  When we were ready to rinse her hair, I brought her to the walk in shower.  She had a hard time stepping over the threshold and kept backing away from the water.  I had to use a cup to dump the water over her and the dye went all over her face.  She started to scream which made some dye fall over her mouth.  I tried to move the shower over to her head and she still backed away.  No matter how I moved the water she avoided it.  She got scared and could not find where she was.  It took a very long time to get the dye out and the conditioner in.  After the shower, she got dressed and I headed back home. 
Today, since Kevin was coming back, I had mom duty.  Dad left for the airport at lunch.  The plan was for me to head over to Mom's later in the day to pluck eyebrows (she still has the desire to look ok occasionally). She decided she wanted Wendy's and thought my father was bringing it to her.  I told her I would bring it up.  When my son awoke from his nap, he had mucus in his stools. He has had some weird issues the last few days and finally I decided it was time to take him in.  I was so pleased-we have not had to go to the doctors in awhile.  But thankfully, we were able to go right in.  I must say that the staff there is so amazing and sincere.  I have never had such a pleasant experience as at my children's pediatricians office.  We will find out test results later this week and see if this is just a bacterial infection of some sort.  Having been through this when he was a baby, I no longer fear the blood and mucus-just want to know what it is.  After Connor's office visit, we headed to my mothers to give her food and finish her beauty session.  The kids were so well behaved, we stayed for two and a half hours.  That is a record lately without someone freaking out. We left around 7 and I dropped off Connor.  Kenzie and I went to visit one of our clients until 9.  Tomorrow, I have the doctors office for my mother and a visit to my grandmother's and Mrs. Fischers.  After that, I believe I will be home :) I am ready for bed tonight and just thankful that God brought my brother back home safe and sound.  My Father watches over all of us and I love the challenges He brings into our lives.  It is through these challenges that I know I am being molded into something better.  There is so much to learn and these difficulties despite how much they hurt, are so beneficial to us.  It is often hard to remember that, but when I do, I usually am reminded of His amazing power and love. night!
Right now I am on the phone with her, listening to her cry about how no one likes her anymore.  It is enough to make the coldest person feel some emotion.


Susan Higgins said...

It's a tough road for everyone when a family member has Alzheimer's. I hope your mom's hair came out well even if she didn't know what was going on when you were giving her a beauty treatment.

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