Sunday, July 18

Remembering my blessings

This week has been so busy but so rewarding.  We started bible verses with Mackenzie and what a tickle to the heart to hear her recite it tonight after practicing all week.  That girl has a great memory and really enjoyed learning a bit of God's word.  She was so proud of herself.  Psalms 61:2 Lead me to the rock that is greater than I.

Last night was another movie night and the selection was Made of Honor, another chick flick.  Ah one day I will get her to watch something that is slightly interesting:)  This was not a good time to do movie night for either of us.  My day was full and I was pretty exhausted.  Earlier in the day, I had a play date for the kids which lasted a few hours.  After the nap, we went to visit a client to bring leechie nuts which we forgot.  We took her to the bank to finalize some items and spent a little while visiting with her.  She has such a generous heart and was so sweet to the children.  We left with quite a bit of items that were the newest treasures for my two little ones.  When I arrived at the house, two of the neighborhood teens were there needing a ride to the bank where their mother was.  We met the mom on the way and brought them to the store.  Finally I arrived home to a quick meal, bath, and playtime then back to the client's house to drop of the leechis and over to my moms.

We were so blessed tonight by the client.  Mrs. B has emptied out her freezer and we are now completely stocked with every time of animal you can think of.  While we do not eat pork, red meat, or certain bottom feeding fish, my family and friends do.  My grandmother and Mrs. Fischer are going to love the roasts I will be making them.  Wow is all I can say.  I encountered only one problem, now my van has many bags of frozen food and my house is too far away to bring it home. Too much food for my mother's freezer so here is where the problems started.
Mom was not in the best of moods to start with considering she only slept an hour and a half in two days.  I guess the night before she did not sleep at all and only napped once during the day.  She got really confused by me trying to figure out what to do with the food.  I tried to explain to her that is was completely unexpected but how wonderful it was.  She wanted me to go home because she did not want the confusion.  Dad graciously offered to bring it to the house for me so that I could bathe mom and get movie night started.  Off he went and bath time began.

Mom used much more nonsensical words today and I had a very hard time following her.  She tried to ask for certain cheesecake and got really upset when Dad and I could not figure it out.  She would get very upset when I had no idea what she was trying to tell me.  In the bath, she tried to wash her hair and could not figure it out. She got soap in her eye and started to cry.  She was in a lot of pain in her legs, ear, eye, stomach, and hands.  Nothing felt right from the very soft mat under her to the clothing and towels.  Getting her out of the bath was just as difficult. 

Dad showed up with two different cheesecake and mom demolished them.  She snacked all night long.  During the movie, she completely zonked out-her eyes were open but she was completely unaware of  almost everything.  I left  around 12:00 and a funny thing happened when I pulled into my drive.  I had all my items out of the car and was walking into the house when I thought I dropped something.  I go to grab it and it starts fluttering in my hand.  I screamed like a little girl and realized something--I could be in serious trouble and no one in my neighborhood would come out.  I screamed so loud I thought for sure someone would inquire what was wrong.  Anyway.  I noticed that the fluttering critter I so graciously held for a brief moment was actually a bat.  I run in and grab the flaslight and bring Jason back with me.  Jason and I inspected this littler bugger and notice he is missing a wing.  Later we go back out and it was gone.  No idea what happened but eh at least I did not have to worry about Mackenzie wanting to keep it for a pet....

Today my mother was in another rare mood.  Oh so difficult. I spent the morning running around to visit friends and family.  First stop-Grandma's.  We spent an hour visiting with her and got some really cute pictures with the children.  Jason decided to meet us up there and you should have seen the light in my grandmothers face.  She loves Jason so much and always gets extra happy when he comes along.  From there we went to my mom's to pick up a plant I left there last night (she was still asleep) and then to Mrs. Fischers.  We made it home around 12:30 and everyone took a nap.  I was so tired, I did not even help put the children to sleep.  I think I read Kenzie a book before I got too tired to read anymore.  Jason finished up and I went to lay down.  I was out until 3.  Jason fell asleep, Kenzie fell asleep, Connor slept, Dad slept, Mom slept.  What a fantastic  sleep filled afternoon.  After all our naps,  I managed to talk my mother into letting us visit this evening but she was worse than ever.  So rotten, so bitter, so jealous.  At first, Kenzie and her had a great time.  Kenzie showed her the leapster and my mother tried to match some chickens.  She was so proud of herself for being able to touch the chickens.  Everything was going great until pizza. Mom did not want pizza but got upset that everyone had a plate but her.  She wondered why no one made her some first.  She stormed into her room and stayed there for a bit.  kenzie went to get her and enticed her to eat some food.  She came out but refused to eat.  She just wanted to insult my father and I kept reminding her to let it go because the kids will hear.  SHe actually listened which was interesting.  I got the kids ready for swiming and mom came out with us.  Something upset her and off she went into her room.  I checekd on her and she was trying to use the bathroom.  As we were swimming, dad went to check on her again.  She was walking around with her underwear down around her legs and told him she needed me.  I went in driping wet and helped her wipe herself.  I guess she no longer understands or knows how to do it.  She came back outside and started doing bubbles with Connor.  She got upset because "the bubbles suck and do not work"  I realized that she can no longer blow bubbles.  She got even mroe upset because Dad swam over to the edge. She felt that he was taking Connor away and trying to play with him.  Off to her room she went.  We finalize the swimming and go into the hosue to get ready to leave.  She is still quite out of it and very distracted.  As we are leaving, the ice cream truck was there.  My children were covered in icecream goo by the time we piled into the van.


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