Saturday, May 1

It's time

My, it seems time travels so much quicker since starting this blog. I am so much more aware of everything going on in my life. Let me start by saying I received 2 A's and am so happy for it. It required quite a few very very late nights but I am still maintaining my 4.0 status. Not that it really matters in the field of education-can you see me telling the parents of my 3 and 4 year old student-Why yes, I have my masters in early childhood special education, my bachelors in k-12 special ed and I graduated summa cum laude. They would look at me like I am a crazy woman. I guess it is more of a personal acquisition than anything else.
Yesterday was movie night and bath night. I arrived with food and immediately she began to eat. She complained the entire time, but she did eat it. It was strange because she could not figure out to eat or bath so she stripped down and decided to eat. I am getting used to seeing my mother naked now-although when I think about it rationally, it is bizarre. I was able to capture the first half on video (before she was indecent) and if I can figure out how to upload a large file to my email, I will post it on her. She seems so much more confused and unsure of what is going on. She constantly asks what am I doing where was I going. I don't understand. I lost count of those phrases after 20.
Bath time was interesting...found out some interesting things. While it is getting easier to wash her and her hair, it is getting harder to get her in and out of the tub. Pretty soon, I will need to alter the bathroom to accommodate her. That will be difficult since she hates showers and wants to be completely immersed into the water. I left her for a minute so I could adjust the temperature for her when she got out. I noticed that it was set for heat at 72. The house was now 79. When I went back, she and I had the most unique conversation. She was talking and got distracted. She said it was hard to listen to my voice just like it is hard to sort out the other voices. WHAT???? I smile and ask her if she is hearing voices now. She said oh noooo this is later not now. I have a few people I talk to at night. I know they are not real but they are not scaring and I like talking to them. From what I was able to understand, she spends much of her night in conversation with these people, mostly woman but very nondescript. I tell her good for her, at least she is not lonely. What else could I say. In truth, at this point, if they are friendly and help her maintain some resemblance to normalcy, I say welcome. It was just very strange to think that she is seeing and hearing people that she knows are not there but are there just the same.
After bath, it took us quite a while to sort through her dvd's and vcr tapes. We are in the middle of converting all 500 vcrs to dvd's. (ok maybe not that many now but close to 100 I think). She chose the top 10 that she would like now and I ordered them through Ebay. She was completely aware of what she wanted but had such difficulty conveying the information. At 11, we decide to watch up close and personal but fifteen minutes into the movie, she changes it to She is all that. I guess I am doomed to watch these chic flicks forever.

While last night went relatively well, today was a completely different matter and will fill you in later tonight! All I can say is poor poor Dad- put one three year old, my mom, multiple choices and stimuli in an uncontrolled environment and you have one very tired and mentally exhausted man.

Boy when I wrote this I had no idea what was in store for us. My Dad had his hands full with the two-Kenzie and mom. I unfortunately woke mom up this morning which had a very bad effect. She was completely out of it and very distraught. Even more unfortunate was the fact that she could not fall back asleep. Since she was up, we decided to let Kenzie head over there with my father. At first things were going rather well. Mom and Kenzie were playing to their heart's content. Then somewhere, the idea of going to the pet store to buy my daughter a pet toy popped up. Even that went surprisingly ok. They walked up to the store and shopped. Since it was lunch, my father thought that it would be easier to take the two of them to the restaurant that was right there. First mistake. This restaurant is a buffet style serve yourself place. That means Dad has to get his, Kenzie's and mom's food. Mistake number 2. However, mom likes to get her own things. Picture this: My mother holding a serving spoon that is dripping with sauce and maneuvering up and down the aisles. She is into everything, tasting things with her hands, putting things back. She had lost any ability to maintain decorum in public and there are some pretty crazy stares directed her way. Somehow, they manage through dinner and they are back at the house. Dad and Kenzie go swimming and mom loses it even more. She decides it is time for Kenzie to go and ends up traveling with them to come back to my house. While here, it is decided that she will go visit my uncle and aunt who are in town. This means makeup and hair which I try to do between my daughter's pleading voice for juice, snacks, or whatever fancies her at this moment, my son's constant request to be picked up, and my mother who wants everything done but does not want to take the time for it. My brother comes over to visit with her and it is actually quite family like. All of a sudden mom freaks out because I have no make up. Really, I don't own anything but mascara and one eyeliner (both were hers...) She wants to put it on and the very brief clip is what ensues. The first clip is her moments before the other clip.She was happy and posing one minute and trying to run across the road the second. I calm her down with the help of my daughter and off we go to her house to make her up. Kevin travels with dad and I have the kids and mom. The plan is to meet at my uncles. Things go ok from this point on-complete pandemonium, headache becoming severe, brain exhaustion. I did enjoy seeing both my uncles and am grateful that I get to be with family even if my crew is crazy. It is worth every headache and twitches to see my mother enjoying herself.


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