Thursday, April 29

The mammogram

Finals are finished and I have two weeks of freedom at night. Hopefully I can finish my son's first year scrapbook and upload my letters for a book idea called Long Distance Memoirs-a story of true love. Maybe I should e-book it one page at a time....Hmmmmm. Anyway, I feel completely relaxed for the first time in a very long time. So much to update even though it has only been a few days.
After that crazy day, my dear brother had to go up to my mothers and work with her. His time was not the easiest, it involved lots of crazy talk, near hysteria, frustration, and yes the dreaded job of cleaning. Cleaning what you ask. Are you sure you would like to know??? Well for those of you not following along, mom went to the Dr.s last week and had three lumps in her left breast, two lumps in her right, blood in her urine, and a nasty bladder infection. So she is on antibiotics and can anyone guess what antibiotics do. You are correct if you answered diarrhea. Back to my first question. What did Kevin clean. Oh it was everywhere-floor, seat, legs, toilet. I believe he even had to clean it twice. I sometimes wish my brother and father would add to this blog so you can see things from their perspective. Maybe they will eventually.
Well on Wednesday, I took my mother to the Imaging center to have a mammogram. Getting her there was fairly uneventful but at the place-oh forget it. She kept talking to the ladies despite the fact that they were busy working. They were so sweet and thoughtful towards her and I am grateful to them. She had an extremely difficult time following directions in the room and I could fill pages on her issues, but they seem redundant now.
I know that many of you may not believe in God or in healing- but what I am about to share has me in almost complete disbelief and if I had not felt the lumps, I would not believe either. First let me say that mom had three very large, very hard lumps in her breast and they had been there for at least two months. There were two minute lumps in her right breast. At the Doctor's office, the Dr. actually prayed over my mother. Now I kid you not, when we get into the room for the mammogram, the tech asks me where the lumps are. I try to locate them but cannot. Now these were the size of grapes, not something that you could not find-you could actually see them. Yet they are not there. No one can find these crazy lumps. The mammogram is performed and there is nothing there. I am not sure what can cause lumps to grow, harden, and stay put for months and then disappear two days after the Doc prayed over my mother. My mother said that she noticed they were gone on Sunday. My true feelings.....Please don't hate me, but I was slightly discouraged. It seemed much easier to think she may die with dignity rather than this terrified, neurotic, miserable person that is unable to do essentially anything. I do trust in my Lord however, and know that He is in charge and has a reason for everything.


Daughter said...

Oh Kimberly,try not to be discouraged. I understand completely what you are saying. We all wish our loved ones (and ourselves) could die with dignity, in peace and without any pain.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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