Tuesday, May 4

Oh my

Wow-what a longggggggggggggggggggggggggg night. And such a difficult night. I would not wish to replay the evening again for awhile but sadly I think it is the reality of nights to come. Yesterday was such a busy day for us and I believe it took a toll on my children, myself, and my hubby. The first half has been discussed and now for the second half.

So I ended up making the YMCA for swimming in which Mackenzie proceeded to scream the entire time. While the instructor informed me that she was able to swim the best, I could not completely enjoy the compliment considering the ruckus she made. The instructor mentioned that she may do better if I left (which she did not but at least I got to exercise) so I went and worked out in the gym. After swim, we rushed home, heated up supper, kissed Jason and Mackenzie and I were off to Gigi's. My mother was so upset and distracted. She bounced from one subject to the next and could not attend to the video. I tried to leave them alone and work on the garage. That did not work. My daughter was being quite stubborn and very sassy. She knows that I cannot talk to her with Gigi around and so she naturally acted out. I finally pulled her aside much to my mother's dismay and told her she would go home if she continued to be sassy and rude. My mother did not like me talking to her in such a way and became sad. Thankfully, Kenzie smartened up and became the sweetheart that she is until bedtime that is. Again at bedtime, Kenzie started testing me. Finally she fell asleep in my mother's arms and now it was my movie turn. The movie on the agenda for this night was The Holiday. Not quite as bad as some of the others but still a chick flick. Even worse is my mother has a grudge against Cameron Diaz and every time she showed up on the screen, my mother would yell at her "Oh shut up and go away" I hate you. Blah blah you whine. It was so humorous -I had to keep myself from laughing. She was very anxious about the hearing on Friday and wanted to know what it would be like. Literally every 3 or 4 minutes, she would ask if she should tell them this or that. She would ask questions about the hearing and what would happen. It is hard to prepare her for it since I am unsure of the process myself. I too am nervous about this hearing. I will be saying much that she will not want disclosed so the drive back should be interesting-you may get quite a laugh out of it on Saturday morning. Keep us in your prayers as we go to the Hearing. This will offer such a relief on my family if she is awarded her disability. I finally got to sleep at 3:30 in the morning and am very very tired tonight.


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