Wednesday, May 12

Family visits

After a couple of days away from my blog, I am back and ready to record the last few days. I has been an interesting few days to say the least. Starting on Sunday, I became antichild. I have not had the luxury of being antichild in quite some time now and the funny part is how I can to be this antichild.
My mother is having a much more difficult time with managing the tv and movies. While I was there on Friday, I managed to enable the zoom button for her during our movie. She tried to mimic the same thing on Sunday but evidently hit the wrong button. She called me as frantic as could be and I tried to walk her through it. Some how during the conversation, she forgot that she called because the tv was not displaying the movie and believed that I had changed it while talking to her. I tried to explain that it was not possible since I was at home, but she was relentless in her anger. She decided that I was bad and ended up hanging up on me. Ironically, up until this moment, she was upset with my father for "coming into the house while she slept and moving stuff around". Now, she was ok with my father and started to talk with him again. This gave me three days off from her which was fairly welcomed, but slightly frustrating because I still worry. I finally decided to let her know that my cousin Jonathan and his girlfriend Jess were coming to visit. As a younger woman, my mother would have Jonathan and his sister stay with him for awhile. She loved them almost (or maybe more than)as much as my brother and I. She was terrified for a little while but than forgave me in an instant and called over ten times to discuss when they would be arriving. Tuesday was the craziest day because mom was such a rambled mess. Poor Kevin had a time with her since it was his movie day. She misplaced some money and was neurotic looking for it. Finally Kevin and I decided to say that Kevin borrowed it and had not paid her back. Now on Monday, I must hunt for the missing money...
Well today was the day that my cousin visited my mother. She came down to my brother's house and had an ok visit. She had difficulty crossing the road and was very very distracted at my house. The plan was for all of us to go up to my mothers and eat/swim/be merry. At first she was very nervous-putting my dad through some craziness (he was the lucky fellow that had to take her home and help her clean up the house before everyone got there). I arrived next with the two little ones and she was very frazzled. Dad informed me that he had taken her weight and it is now 96 lbs. She is losing about 2 or 3 lbs a week now since she will eat hardly anything we cook her. I helped tidy up a bit and then they arrived. She was very tired at this point and had the vacant stare going. As we put in a home movie of my cousin, she wanted me to record it on dvd for him but got very upset and ran into her room when I rewound the movie. Kevin coaxed her out and I had left the room. It seems that mom cannot stand for me to have any attention. When a movie of her in my cheerleading outfit came on she wanted me to stop it. The movie played and it turned into me in my cheerleading outfit. She got upset and said that I wanted the attention ???She got upset because she had me rewind and fast forward the movie but then got upset because I was running everything. If I talked to my cousin, she got mad. If my daughter wanted me, she got mad. I tell you the list of things I cannot do is growing: Cannot sing, discipline, talk, clean, run the remote, or exist when anyone else is around...
Here is the heart warming spot: I am now in the pool so I can avoid any more problems and letting Dad and Kevin handle mom. Everyone decides to go in the pool with us and mom starts walking into the pool in her clothing. She actually swam with us for about an hour. Better than that-she laughed and had fun. Really had fun. It was very sad to see because the way she moved, laughed, showed emotion, and talked had a vague resemblance to so many of the children I had taught. She acted as though her IQ was below 65. It was difficult and wonderful to watch-I have no way to describe it. Even better, my three year old swam-I mean really swam. She enjoyed it too which is saying a lot. At one point my mother wanted her to swim to her but she could not figure out how to catch Kenzie. When Kenzie came near her, she would go under the water like Kenzie would. Luckily, I would put my hand under Kenzie and raise her up out of the water waiting for my mother to come up as well so she could hold Kenzie. She kept saying that Kenzie was pushing her under, but sadly, Kenzie was no where near her when she would go under. It seemed that because Kenzie was under the water (new swimmer) my mom thought she had to too? It all ended when my son decided that enough was enough and started tainting the water with some brown liquid. Did you know that those swimmer diapers do not work so well. We all vacated the pool and mom was very distraught. I got her dried and in clothes then got to my children who were happily swimming again. The best part is the pool has the salt water system and my mom is now clean-well until my son's contribution to the pool.


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Sounds like from what I've read so far of her accounts- perception is going first.. In our case it was time..

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