Monday, May 3

Modeling session

It is 1:00 and my day has been nonstop. It does not look any easier for the rest of the day. At least the babies are resting and I am able to catch my breath. I am on a definite routine starting today which allows me to get a lot done. I awake before the kids finally instead of with them. Even 1/2 hour before them gives me a chance
to get so many chores out of the way. Why the strict routine-well I am determined to go to the YMCA to work out every day to lose the baby weight from my second child. Today-Lower Body and 1/2 hour cardio while Kenzie takes swimming and Connor plays. I am so grateful that I received a scholarship-nothing like burning some calories to raise endorphins and release tension.
With the new routine, Breakfast was finished, lunch for hubby was packed, two loads of laundry finished, all bed's stripped, and compost pile started all before 9:00. By 9:30 we were on our way to Great Grandmas to say a quick hello, pick up a foam mattress pad from my dad, and let the kids run in the back. We only stayed a few minutes because she was not feeling so well. We resumed our travels to visit Ms. F and give her a pad for her bed since her back has acted up. We stayed longer than intended but that was ok. She enjoyed the energy of my two little ones. By 12:00 we were on our way back to the house for dinner and bed. So many phone calls from my mom. First she was very irate because "I lost her tweezers", then she was confused because she took all the blankets of all the beds and did not know what to do next. Then she was worried because there was the sound of water in her walls. She held the phone up and I was very worried that a pipe broke. She called back and had solved the problem but did not know how. Turns out it was the bathroom fan. She called again to tell me she found the tweezers. She called again to tell me that I will have to help clean up the blankets and was sorry. And now, the phone is silent, kids are asleep, and I am getting ready for round 2:Gym and swim, Dinner, then movie sleepover at Gigi's. Coffee will be my best friend today!!! And of course the Lord will provide the patience and strength for all.

Surprising thing last night: I was amazed at the insight my mother still possesses. Some how the topic of my friends came up and I was retelling a situation at which I was very bothered about. I mentioned how one of my friends has completely let me down; I had come to the conclusion that a true friend is one that cares enough to be involved in your life. With all that I have on my plate, I do not have time for games or for broken promises. I mentioned that I was thinking of writing a letter to express my feelings and break the friendship. To which my mother displayed such wisdom. Her advice was so sound and so mature, it took my breath away. It has been so long since I have shared any of my problems, my joys, my stories with my mom and I was not prepared for her understanding of the situation. It is moments like that I praise my Lord and say thank you! Something so simple, yet so important. God is mysterious in His ways, but He knows just what we need.


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