Tuesday, May 25

It is almost two in the morning and I have completed my school work for the night. My mind is on hyper drive so I figured why not write for a few minutes before retiring for the night. I have to say that having my Dad at the house has eased my burden significantly. I can only imagine the difficulty in being there each night, but at this point in my mother's life, she needs it. What a gift my dad is giving his children and his wife. How many men can say that despite the tough times, they stuck it out and served their wife until the end. God has given my father a chance to be selfless and loving to another and while it is a challenge, at the end, my dad will feel the full benefits and rewards for being a true husband and father. Thank you Dad for giving me back my family and time to develop memories of my own.

Movie night this week was fantastic: Mom was so elated with the shelves that we found at movie store that she was a giddy child all weekend. The movie store around here was closing and considering my mother's passion for all movies, I stopped in. While the selection was horrible, the store was selling all of its shelving for bare minimum. My husband has tried for over two months to come over there to cut the shelves to fit into a cabinet for her movies to fit on, yet each time he had arranged to come up, something happened. I talked Dad into buying them and putting them up in the back room. When I came up on Friday, I helped arrange the room while mom was taking a bath. I would run out of the bathroom in search of clothes, towels, shampoo, and quickly rearrange a piece of furniture that Dad had set up. By the time she was clean, the room was complete. She was so ooooo happy since she now had her own "movie store" She enjoyed looking at the shelves and picking out a movie to watch. She actually had the biggest smile and could not stop laughing. It carried over throughout the weekend. While I enjoy her happy times, I can never stop reminding myself that it can be over in a minute. And Bam Sunday afternoon hit all because of pepper. Dad happened to put pepper on her squash and she lost it. Chasing him around with sweet tea and dousing him with it, throwing her food on the floor, screaming cruel statements of hate, and crying uncontrollably are just a tiny tidbit of her behavior for about the next three hours. I talked with mom as Dad left to help her calm down. It worked and half hour later Dad apologizes and brings her home chocolates and she is back to being ok for now.

Keep us in your prayers this week. Dad heads out for a "conference" and my brother and I will be on standby. Now that Dad has moved in, mom is afraid to be alone at night. So Wed afternoon and night & Fri night I will sleep there with my daughter and Kevin takes the Thursday day and night shift. I don't know if he will sleep there or not, most of it depends on my mother and whether she will let him.
It is a full moon this week so I am anticipating a rough few days coming up. We shall see. And no I did not get to watch a good film this Friday. I had to watch Mistress of Spice (what a strange movie-even stranger is that she liked it at one time-not anymore thankfully) Mistress of spice you have been officially retired from my mother's library.


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