Thursday, March 25

Today was a day full of realizations and difficult for my heart. After 3 hours of sleep, I rose at 5 to prepare for a yard sale (which did very well). By 12 o clock, I closed shop and began preparing dinner for my family and mother. With my mother in law in town, I wondered whether my mother would allow us to visit. She teetered back and forth on the idea until finally the thought of dinner persuaded us to drive up there to deliver it to the porch. On the way there, my father called and informed me that a dear friend of ours was admitted into the hospital. Being 87, we fear for him being there overnight, but it cannot be helped. Possible prognosis-appendicitis. My children, my mother in law, and our hopefully new babysitter travel to the babysitters house to drop her off. Continue our journey to my mother's porch to see if she will allow us in and she does. My mother in law witnessed first hand how much the disease had progressed. Upon arrival, my mother was pacing on the porch and in the house screaming it is not clean wait wait wait no wait no coming in wait more there is more. Frantically running from room to room grabbing everything and putting it in one bedroom. Grabbing her comforter and asking me to put it on top of her bed over all the clothing and other blankets gathered there. Finally my mother in law is allowed in and my poor mom cannot communicate but a few words before stumbling over them. She decideds to clean the counter by dumping her water bottle on it and using her sock to clean it up. She is not with us today, her eyes have that vacant mummie stare and the eyes of a terrified animal. As then noise levels escalates, she starts to get more frantic and upset. I remind her that we need to bring a phone carder to my father and for now, he is forgiven (or so it seems) We stop at my grandmothers to get the items needed by my father and we are finally off to one last destination. A very busy busy day and I need sleep so I am off.


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