Sunday, March 21


Ok so my prediction from last night was way way way off. Sort of. Only one phone call in the morning and two during the rest of the day. She made it to church and recognized a few old friends. My father and mother escaped with no incident. She went to a few stores and to lunch. Although I know that there were little moments, overall, it went well. She is having a good day. It is amazing how wonderful being away from a phone can be. I don't think I talked more than two minutes all day to everyone.

Since today was such a wonderful and relaxing day with no major stories to record, I would love to share a story my mom wrote to me in 2000. She would often write letters just to say hi and always included something interesting. Here goes:

I need your opinion about something strange that happened last night. I cannot decide which way to deal with this particular incident. Let me tell you my tale and then when you write or call, you could-perhaps-give me advice on doing the correct thing.
About 10:00 pm last night, I heard someone crying. It was so weirdddd,because only the dogs and I were in the house. Well, I thought, maybe a cat outside the house was making the noise and went toward the den area to listen at the window. As I neared through the kitchen, I heard the crying more distinctly and looked down at one of Daisy's toys and whether you cant to believe me or not-I tell yoe the poor little thing was crying. I carefully picked it up and asked why it was crying. The toy-n a meek little voice said "Daisy doesn't like me" I asked him (because this particular toy is definitely male) why he though Daisy didn't like him and stated that I knew that Daisy did in fact like him (rola-his name is Rola) and that in all truth he was Daisy's favorite toy. Rola looked at me with the saddest of saddest expressions and proceeded to ask, "then why does Daisy always bite me and drool on me? Before I could answer, Rola through cryful tear continued, "I even have a section of hair pulled out and then to make matters worse, after she shakes, bites, and hurts me, I am left to be trampled on by whomever happens to go by." I truly felt pity for Rola. However, he is a toy, made of a dog, and in fact his lot in life is to be bitten shaken, and trampled on by a dog (in my opinion) His creator did in fact build him for that purpose. I looked at Rola, picked him up and explained that he was a toy, a dog's toy built for whatever purpose the dogs wanted him for. I asked Rola if he talked to the other dog yous, which believe me there are many many many dog toys in this house. What he said next sent a chill straight through my bones into the deepest layer possible. In a quiet almost whispering (sort of like that kid in Six Sense-you know what I mean "I see dead people) Rola answered "NONE OF THEM TALK" Well to say the least, I was shaken. I started thinking, Audrey, toys cannot talk or feel, so why would you think this was a normal occasion (maybe a little dementia) and why would you not realize that if this toy does in fact talk then the natural conclusion is that it can also feel pain sorrow etc. Which puts me in a horrible situation. I am torn between letting Daisy(who I love more than ice cream) have his favorite toy and letting Rola (who I hardly know) have a peaceful, fun filled life. My heart of course seems to pull towards letting Rola have his station raised to equal Daisy or even ours in fact. So please, when you call or write me next, share your opinions regarding what is to be done with this. I will, until all opinions are tallied, let Rola live in peace and harmony. I will put him in the flowered bedroom (which he should enjoy because the dogs cannot go in there to get him. Another benefit for Rola being in the flowered room, is that there are many beautiful porcelain dolls-which anyone that owns one knows that they cannot bite or shake little toys because they have sealed mouths-at least my dolls do. Now, of course, one of them could be like Rola, a freak of toy world (in other words able to talk and feel) If that is so , Rola could still be in danger if put in that situation. So after thinking the situation over, I decided to buy a playpen for Rola where nothing can get to him. I cannot possibly keep him in any room because, in all reality, if he is like he is, any toy could be. OH NO!! I just realized that anything in the house, even the playpen, could be a freak of toy world or furniture world. Which means that Rola could be in danger of being hurt by anything I own. Please help him out. let me know if you can think of a place where he would be safe, or should I let Daisy have him. Until I hear from you I will keep him attached to me, but I must say that it wil not be a very easy thing to do because he squeaks so loud and so often that I know I will never get one ounce of sleep. Also everyone around me a work will be so upset at the noise Rola makes. Pleasssssssssssse call soon to help me out with this.I am thanking in advanced for loving me enough to take time out of your busy schedule to help me out regarding, you know who. I have drawn a picture of him on the back of the first page, please look. I love you Mom the guardian of Rola


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