Wednesday, March 31

A delicious Dinner

Tonight was the first time in awhile that my father looked well rested and I actually enjoyed a full meal! It has been a very busy couple of days, but oddly enough, rather drama free. Mom has maintained relative calmness and has been very docile. My mother in law left today and I must say that more than a few tears were shed. It is to her that I look for support and a model of what a wife and mother should be. I am blessed to have her in my life and thank God for her all the time. Can you believe my husband and I got not one but two date nights in less than a week. Ironically the only thing for us to do in this town was Books a Million, but it was nice. Considering we do not drink, we do not have any money, and we both hate to shop, there are only two options Books a Million or Lowes. Unfortunately Lowe's closes earlier so BAM it is. It was nice not having the children. We did do a little bit of shopping-my in-laws wanted to get us an Easter outfit and after three days of shopping, managed to find a dress for me and some shorts for Jason. We have a hard time taking from people and it is not any easier taking from our relatives.

My dad has been a trooper the past few days running around like a chicken between the three people he now is taking care of. The amazing thing is that in all this, God has a plan. He was able to witness to one of them who is an agnostic 87 year old man. After what seemed like a battle that was in defeat, prayers were answered literally and the battle took a turn. This man had gone into the hospital and ended up being backer acted for saying some odd statements. My dad prayed with the gentleman and all the prayers were answered today. The man is free to leave with no ramifications and is one step closer to listening about the Lord. His ways are not our ways that is for sure. What seems like great adversity is really just an opportunity to demonstrate God's abilities. I have already watched one agnostic find answers ((my husband) and it would be fantastic to see another.

Today was a relatively calm day in the am. A quick 1 1/2 hour drive to the airport to drop of Nonna, a few restless children on the ride home, to a very long nap in the afternoon. A few calls from my mother and then it began. My brother's night for movie night turns disastrous because of one fact-all the family is getting together for a dinner tonight. Hmm to tell or not to tell, or better yet to invite or not to invite. We all decide it is better to invite my mother, but she is too confused to understand what is going on. She wants to go but needs her hair done. I offer to do it but she does not want to impose upon her night with my brother. She tries to place blame on my father and on me by stating we are not wanting her to go, that no one takes care of her. She switches subjects to discuss what she wants for dinner. After one comment from my dad, she now believes that movie night consists of two movies-can you imagine my friday night this week. I will arrive at 7, bathe her, do her hair, clean her sheets and bathrooms, fix her some food, and than start two movies-Oh Dad why oh why did you suggest that two movies would be ok-granted you meant the Office episodes, but unfortunately for my brother and I, we do not get the luxury of watching tv shows. We must endure this crazy movies that often are two or three hours long. Six hours of movies... Well the only consolation is that he also has movie dates so he kinda caused himself some problems. If only we could predict what the effects of one statement would cause. Poor Kevin (brother) had to endure Runaway Bride and American President while we got to enjoy such a delicious dinner.

My second cousin came into town and was gracious enough to buy the family dinner-I am generally uncomfortable with letting people pay for my meal and even more uncomfortable when there are two (my daughter was with me). Luckily, she and I do not eat much and were able to share a meal. The kicker came when on the sly I ordered my husband something. As the waiter went away with my funds, it was foiled. My husband became the recipient of another man's generosity and while I am grateful, I cannot help feeling like I imposed too much. Never would I have thought that once the money was in the waiter's hands would it be called back. For those of you that know me, you could imagine how bad I felt. I do not like to take things from others and it seems that since this non-profit started, that is all we are doing. Too many people have been so kind and so helpful. I am learning to accept things that others do for me-As someone told me "Don't steal my blessing". I have learned to use that saying when helping others to ease the guilt of letting others help and it works. I also am learning to accept"the blessing" from others so if you feel the need to bless us you can check out our website at hahahahhaahhahaha, just kidding (my humor is bizarre right now-very tired so please excuse my rambles) I am heading off to work on my evaluation/case study due Sunday. By the way, I had crab legs and mmmmmmmmm they were good! Thank you Bob and Susan for a great evening of fun and food.


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