Monday, March 15

Some blog for clarity of mine, others for sanity. I created this blog to chart the regression of a disease that is becoming a pandemic with those in their later years. Unfortunately for this family, this disease came early, twenty years too soon. The disease is Alzheimer's and for my family, more specifically known as Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease or EOAD. As I blog, I hope to record the progression of my mother as she begans the last stages of her disease. She is such a fighter and has traveled through this disease at unheard of speeds. I appreciate all feedback, remembering to keep it positive and useful.

I am a 33 year old old mother of two beautiful children. My daughter will turn four in June; she has such spunk and life to her. Watching her, I am reminded of how exciting life is and the need to enjoy every moment. My son will turn 2 in June as well; he is my snuggler and calming agent. Also as lively as his sister, he climbed his crib at 14 months. At 21 months, he has mastered his letters, sounds, and numbers. He continues to amaze me on a daily basis. At the head of the household is my supportive, loving, and unbelievable husband. God has given me such a gift-he is my adonis and I treasure my life with him. More than any person I met, he is the epitamy of ethical and moral righteousness-caring more for others than himself. Finally at the top of our family is my Lord and Savior, watching out for us from heaven above. It is through His strength that life does not seem as difficult as it should be.

Currently I am in graduate school obtaining my masters in Special Education for Early Childhood. I was previously a teacher for children with special needs and decided to stay home with my children, as well as help care for my mother. We also recently started a non-profit organization called Works in Faith Inc( . My husband came home one day and told me God put it in his heart to help people that could not afford home repairs. By providing home repairs for free, we can witness through our actions and give the glory to God. So far, we have helped quite a few people and have restored a bit of hope.
You can imagine that we stay pretty busy. Besides graduate school, running a non profit organization, raising a family, and trying to be the devoted wife, I also take care of my dear mother. As I blog, you will see the destruction of a wonderful woman that finally has succumbed to this disease. I hope my stories will bring peace to others that struggle with this disease, with trying to raise a family while being there for the one that raised you. Keep us in your prayers and God Bless.


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