Wednesday, March 17

St. Patty's Day

I awaken to a phone call from my mother (she still knows how to speed dial but does not know how to hang up the phone) asking if I am ready to come over. After discussions last night with her, she decided she would have us come over in the afternoon. New day new ideas I guess. I explain to her that the entire house is still asleep but yes we will come over. She is in a relatively happy and joyful mood, delighted that her favorite little person is coming over to play. Watching my mother and daughter play is the highlight of my time with my mother. It is like watching two children playing-she has no restrictions and my daughter loves it. Just like the mother that used to start food fights while we were eating dinner, she continues to do such silly things with my daughter. The difference is her mind is more like the two/three year olds especially as they play. They fight and yell at each other, tease each other, chase after one another, and love each other. My daughter has an old soul and is able to handle the outbursts and reactions. You will hear her say "Gigi, calm down, its ok, Gigi, come over here and play. I pull her aside and ask if she is afraid and wants to go and my daughter answers with such adult mannerisms "We can't leave her like this, she will be ok once she calms down. It is then I thank my Lord for such a understanding and fantastic little girl.

Thankfully today went well with no outbursts. We were on the brink of one when my mother wanted to watch a movie with my daughter. I had to remind my mom that it is nap time and we will need to go in fifteen minutes. In that instant I see her eyes glaze over and she is gone just like that. She has retreated into her mind and she vacantly stares over us completely unaware of what is going on. My son gives her a toy and my daughter asks a question but she is still and thinking. My wonderful daughter jumps in her face makes some silly noises and tells Gigi to come play that we will watch a movie later. Just as fast as it came on it is over and she is able to respond again. It did not develop into her typical explosive reactions. Play time continues and we all have fun.


Daughter said...

Hi Kimberly

Thank you for sharing your story with others. I've added your blog to My Blog List on "Taking Care of Mom and Dad" where I blog about my parents. Hopefully more people will share this part of their lives and help make this easier for all of us!

Kimberly said...

I read yours as well and it is helpful to see what others go through

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