Saturday, March 27

The missing videos

Such another strange day. First phone call of the day while I am trying to enjoy an Easter extravaganza at a local church. She is screaming wildly and I cannot understand her. Mostly I catch bits of rantings about never being available as I mention that I am busy at the moment. I try to decipher what I can and call my brother to intervene. Essentially she is distraught because the movies she got rid of a year ago are now gone and so she wants them back. She called multiple times to let me know how horrible I was and am not doing a good job taking care of her. I am selfish and should put her above my family and everything else. She calls back to talk to my mother in law to inform her how rotten I am. After an hour, it blows over and she calls to apologize to me and my mother in law. I offer her supper and all is well. In fact she mentioned that she did not deserve it. But on my way out to my hubby's and my third date night in four years, we drop it off. Interesting day...


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