Saturday, March 20

Church tomorrow??

Today was a relatively calm day. With only two morning phone calls, I was able to spend time with my children and husband. I decided to take my daughter to the library, just mom and daughter time amid fantasies, adventures, dreams, history, learning, and imagination. While we were originally spending only an half hour there, it became much longer. I could not pull myself or her away from such a restful and relaxing environment. No phone calls, no screams or illogical behavior from children or mother. Just books and more books. After checking out our maximum amount, I bumped into a previous colleague. We discussed my many adventures and gained some support for Works in Faith Inc. I have my first volunteer for our Walk a thon in late September/early October.

I arrive home to whip up a quick lunch, settle two children into their naps, and begin to work on my 5 page assignment. Still amazed that the phone has not rang in the past three hours. Having Dad back in the house has eased my burden greatly but I cannot wonder how his day has turned out. Not used to the freedom of the phone, I decide to call my father first. No answer. I call my mother next and find out that both she and my dad are watching a very boring movie. Phone call over and I continue on my paper relishing my new found phone freedom. The children wake up-well actually Connor my son wakes up since Kenzie never fell asleep. I decide it is such a beautiful first day of .....(does Florida have spring?)that it would be a shame not to spend it outside.

We grab some fast food (with children 21 and 26 lbs, I succumb to the fast food industry to provide the extra fat my children need-unfortunately my daughter hates it and would rather eat kale. Nothing like bribing a child to eat french fries and rewarding her with apples...)and are off to the Park. Still no phone call-I am in paradise. We hike a few trails and see a vulture following us-not a great sign but considering I am writing this blog, no real reason for its relentless shadow overhead. Next trail we are five feet from a peregrine falcon. It was digging at the ground jumping back every minute and trying again to get whatever was in the hole out. We watched it for five minutes until Connor decided to go "pet" it. Two feet away it did not budge. It was my sudden movement grabbing my son that made it fly away. Such beauty and grace.

One quick phone call from Dad saying the day was long but manageable. Off to play at the playground and then back home. Children tired but still one more event. Redress Kenzie and I and off to Great Grandmothers and then to Church. Kenzie is exhausted and we cut it short. Back home and guess what-no phone calls.

Are you getting this-my typical day consists of over 15 phone calls from my mother (this does not include the calls to and from my dad and brother) It is not unusual for my brother or me to be on with my mom while the other is one with my father and both of us on IM. This way we all can hear mom and dad and offer support. Usually it is me on dad's bluetooth so I can hear mom and coach dad, my brother with mom so he can calm her down, and my brother and I on IM joking and creating mischievously pretend situations. Confused-so are we. So you can imagine my astonishment and delight.

Kids in bed now, paper finished five minutes before midnight and only two phone calls-one from dad and one from mom. The overall report is that the day went rather ok. Dad did watch As Good as it Gets- and it did not get better the second time watching it. They viewed it twice since mom forgot that she had watched it before falling asleep. Tomorrow Dad is taking her to church-this I am sure will be a wonderful adventure to share with all of you. I am predicting frantic phone calls from 7:30 until 8:55 with them going and not going continuously until five minutes before it starts. She will arrive there in a panic but settle down when she sits down. She will search for people to talk to after service and they will arrive home five hours later. Anyone placing bets???? Brother??? Dad??? and with that I am taking a cue from the movie-I think today is as good as I can get and so I sign off.


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