Wednesday, March 24

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sign praises to the Most High. It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening. Psalms 92:1-2

Today I give thanks to God for the miracles He performs. We have applied for social security for my mother twice and were denied twice due to lack of work credits. My father had a brilliant idea to send a personal letter to Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue at his personal residence. After a week, we wondered if he received the letter. We received an answer yesterday when social security called us and informed us of a June Hearing. They would like to expedite this by video conference since we are on the critical track. This morning my father receives another phone at 9:00 from the same attendant. She needs to re fax some information and will stay on the phone to ensure the arrival of it. Being extremely efficient, caring, compassionate, and willing to work with us, the attendant explains that the letter is in my mother's file and for some reason, there is a need to work on this case. Social Security is collaborating with us to receive necessary paper work and information for our case :). My job has kicked in as representative for my mother and I have much research and little time. Any information anyone has on Social security would be appreciated. I have compiled all medical records from two doctors and now must go through all the information. I need to research laws and cases, as well as figure out our case and find others willing to write letters for us. Although it is a lot of work, I am very excited for my mother and father.

Mom is doing so so. She is still not talking to me or my father-she called to inform me that I am no longer allowed over and she does not want to talk to me ever again. The only one she will talk to is....yes you guessed it, the golden boy. This anti-child is banned for the time being. Alas, I will get much done on her case. There are always a positive. It makes me thing of Pollyanna and the glad game. I am glad she is not talking to me so that I can spend more time with my family and getting things accomplished. Plus my mother-in-law arrives tomorrow and I am so excited. Help has arrived and I will enjoy frolicking around with the very best woman I have ever known. Not only is she beautiful inside, but outside as well. Without her, I think I may have lost my sanity a long time ago.


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