Saturday, June 12

How I love Friday Nights

You must have gathered that I did not spend much time at my mother's house this week since I have not written much. Long phone conversations but between Dr visits and dentist visits, friends in town and my brother's movie night, my brother and father handled her and I was able to get other things finished. With a daughter running a fever, I was slightly unavailable. However, I think my mother saved it all for me tonight. What a horrible disastrous night. Oy

I arrived there earlier than ever to give her cashew encrusted chicken in a white wine cream sauce. She enjoyed it and ate it all up. My father was there and she refused to look at him or engage in any conversation with him. Every time I spoke to him she gave me the evil eye. She kept muttering under her breathe and was very angry. All this anger because he "purposely" did not understand what word she was talking about the night before. She was rather upset at me because I believed him. She finishes eating and has me running six different errands while she is running in a circle with no idea about what she wants or how she wants it. The list is great:bath, clean clothes and dry them, read ssi information, do her hair like the salon, eat some watermelon, pick out a movie, check the new movies for smoke, clean the new movies, sew her pajama's so that they fit her. She is so confused as to which one to start that she is teetering on the edge. I put her in the bathroom and get her in the bath. Harder than usual-she is resisting my guiding and tensing her body. I sew her clothing as she soaks and get her out of the tub. Bath checked off, one set of clothing finished, dinner done. I move on to the next project-dry the clothing and check the movies. We move the movies to her room and set up the Ionic machine because that is how mom wants to "clean" them. She cannot find her bbq chips so off to the store I go. I buy her chips and cakes and run back home. Dad has been called away to my brother's house to fix the ac.

Next we pick out a movie "sense and sensibility" but get sidetracked to do ssi. Finish that and she is rather upset. Then she remembers her pills. Her doctor has given her new pills but she does not want to take them unless I sleep over. I tell her next week sometime and she becomes very upset with me. Kicks me out of the house tells me I suck and do not help her. That I do not love her and only make her worse. Some how I get her focused on something else and it is over for now.
We begin the movie and my mom is up and down. She gets water ,has to use the restroom, is too hot, is too cold, lights need to be turned off, Daisy needs food and water, movie is too quiet, she needs her snack cakes, and finally watches bits and pieces. She tries to engage in conversation but is having difficulty with recalling the words. She gets up for watermelon and spills it all over the bed. She lost it at this point, hitting pillows, throwing the ionic machine, pushing things off the desk, shouting, crying, yelling at me because it is my fault. I move the quilt around so the wet side is on my side and despite her incessant demands that I leave because I am not good for her, I stick it out so that dad will have his break (although with her not talking to him, he has one regardless). Finish watching the movie and mom decides at 12:30 that I need to do her hair. She wants me to do it like the hair dresser. Now for those of you who know me, I cannot do hair except with a hair iron. She loses it again starts banging the mirrors and slamming them shut again and again. Berates me and eventually kicks me out. I tell her sorry and leave. Not two minutes later she calls to say sorry. Boy this disease is wild and never dull. I am wide awake at 1:30 but know that in a few hours my little ones will wake and will need my attention. I must try to sleep...Night and hope to a nice peaceful and calm weekend. Please keep a very dear friend in your thoughts and prayer. His heart has felt such pain and I hope it heals.


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