Saturday, June 19

What a crazy week. I headed out today with the two children and we arrived safely after spending 12 hours in a car. I am surprised at how well it went. Up until the last half hour, my children were angels. Connor started getting stir crazy and became very irritable. I was feeling the same way. Especially after rush hour. I do not like rush hour. Now I am sitting in a very beautiful hotel suite with my children fast asleep, enjoying complete silence. It feels strange but refreshing.

I realize that some of my readers become concerned when I write certain things. Please understand that for me, this blog is a place to update people but also to vent. I do not reread what I write, I just start typing until I am too tired to go on. I promise I am completely at ease with my role in life and am adjusting to the craziness just as we all adjust to the situations that life throws at us. I never mean for someone to feel as though I am having difficulty or stressed out. Rather, I find such joy in life and find my life amusing quite often. You would not believe how often I laugh at the silliness of it all. Trust me when I say that all I write is just a release-a chance for you the reader to glimpse at a life of someone who is taking care of another.

Anyway, yesterday as I was finalizing my trip plans, packing, cleaning, organizing I received a phone call from my mother asking me to dye her hair. Yikes!!! My entire being wanted to say noooooo I have a very long night of packing and an even longer day of driving tomorrow Instead, I said sure be there around 7; Oh what a night. The risperdone seems to make her memory span shorter, she gets very upset but then forgets. While I must say that this new twist is slighlly welcome, it is heartbreaking to see the further progression of the disease. Poor sweet mother. She was so agitated and angry. She lost her 25.00; she was angry with my father, she was up seat with me. I somehow make her laugh in the tub and remind her to try to stay positive. It just have hit a beat with her for her to remember. It is late and I only had four hours of sleep so off to bed until tomorrow when I pick up my bff.


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