Saturday, April 3

The fall of the golden boy

So I spoke too soon. Little did I know that the adventures of the day were yet to begin. I made it home for the nap time, both children slept. Dad went over to Mom's and it seemed like I would have a mellow afternoon and evening. HAHAHAHAHAHA the joke was on me. Phone starts ringing. Mom is going ape because, are you ready for this, my dad fell asleep after watching the sixth episode of the Office. Explicits and aggression all over the place and resulted in her dish being thrown and shattered on the floor. Epic development of the year. This golden boy that you see to the right of the screen is now no longer golden. He has been demoted to the lowest of lows-part of The dreaded D's. He is now one of us, his father's side of the family. Why you ask, well because he nonchalantly stated that she fell asleep during movies too. Many more explicits and aggressive mannerism. Next in line-phone call to me. Even more explicits. Multiple and I mean 15+ phone calls between everyone and I manage to get Dad the approval of Mom. He is allowed to go back over to fix the phones. She gets upset all over again because he did not bring her some ham and because the phones do not work right. We knew that this would happen when we exchanged phones despite the fact that they are identical. 9:30 Dad gets booted out again and another barrage of phone calls. Finally at 10:30 the golden boy and I travel up to my mother's to fix the phones, feed her some food, and create a phone list. Mission accomplished as we tag team back in forth trying to remedy the situation. Phones fixed-check, list written-check, food made-check, and we even fit in a waxing. Back at home by 11:45 and I still have school work to complete. So why am I here instead of working on school. HMmmmmm well because my brain has shorted out and I am recharging. Happy Easter everyone. It is when I think of Jesus on the cross enduring what he had to that I realize this is just drops in a bucket. My pain and exhaustion is no where near His.


Anonymous said...

I kind of look like that guy!

Get some sleep my exert yourself too much sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You actually missed the best part of my fixing the sqeaking screen door....but I really appreciate your help and Kevin;s. The phone issue is unbelievable, but considering that it is the only thing left that she can operate, it is critical..HUGS

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