Tuesday, April 6

Broken Dentures Take 4

Hello my dear friends and welcome to the craziness of my life. It seems that things are progressing even quicker than before and it is taking all of us to maintain my mother. Yesterday was one of those horribly confusing days where nothing seems to get done. My mother called rather early stating that I was wrong about the weather because she froze the night before. Now along with being unable to work the phones the right way, she also does not understand how to work the AC. The AC was down to 47. I had the unfortunate task of telling her that it is because her Alzheimer's is getting worse. Of course she became rather angry(who wouldn't) and told me that she does not want to hear it. She never told her mother about her condition so why am I. I try to explain that her mother did not live alone and it is important to ensure that she is aware when she no longer can live alone. It is no wonder why I am the anti-child. I guess I should try to pamper her but I fear for her. Since she is able to understand her condition, I feel like she needs to know what is happening to her. Dad headed up there briefly to explain the ac and the phone to her and then off to Murray's to teach my brother the ropes.

I made Mom some food and headed over there around 4. The kids swam (the pool was freezing) and Mom ate. I can tell she is losing weight and I am worried. She ate the entire meal (two days worth) and played with Kenzie. I happened to mention that my cousin was in town and that motivated her to get dressed to visit. An hour and a half later, she was dressed and ready. During this time she freaked out over 10 times, cussed me out at least five times, and decided not to go 4 times. We get to the car and drop off my son since taking all of them is too difficult. My mother composes herself the entire time we were there and I bring her back home. She is exhausted but still wanting my dad to come for 2 episodes of the office. I head home and Dad goes over there for his two shows. I can tell the moment Dad leaves because my phone rings. It saddened me to have the phone ringing since my brother and I were enjoying the company of my cousin and actually enjoying ourselves. Even more unfortunate is that she called to scream about Daisy eating her dentures yet again. I offer to take her up to the doctors tomorrow and all is ok for the moment (this is after 8 or 9 phone calls to both my brother and I). I head home and get ready for bed after such a long long day.

Today I wake up bright and early and call to wake up my mother. I head up there and she is fairly docile considering she stayed up all night getting her outfit ready and preparing for today. She is giddy because she managed to paint her toe nails (I did not have the heart to tell her that she missed most of her nail and it is on her toe). I am proud because she only takes twenty minutes to get out of the house which is a record for her. We drive up to the doctors and about five minutes from our destination, I receive the dreaded phone call. Dad called up there and they will not take my mother. This is a walk in clinic type place and they are sooooooo busy that the cannot take the time to see her. I cannot tell her that my dad is talking to me or it will make her upset so I mention to my mom that the snow birds are heading back up north and the place might be so swamped that we may not get in. I pretend to call them and get the information. I rely what my father said to me and tell her that we can have an appointment on Monday. She still insists on going in. The funny part is that the people were not prepared and in fact, the moment we walk in I overhear the receptionist saying "I told him to bring her on Monday Thank God" The look on her face when she saw my mom was priceless. The other three mouths a quick profanity OH **** and ran to the back. I almost began hysterically laughing but managed to compose myself. Ten minutes of listening to the woman explain it to my mother and we finally leave. I wanted to say-my dad ordered two one of which you did not finish and asked for her to come back to finish it. We are here and you will not see her. It would take fifteen minutes to finish it but they won't. It is unfortunate that people do not see her as a person but as a wreck. It saddens me but what can I do. We make it to the car and she is a mess. I get her home and talk her into coming to my house. It takes an hour to convince her that she will enjoy it and off we go with her dog. My house now becomes a zoo with two kids, two dogs, and a mother that is trying to eat her breakfast on my couch. Both dogs want the food, both kids want the food, and the one holding it is continuously about to drop it. Craziness. This continues until around 11:00 when I drop her back off at her house. Thank goodness tonight is Kevin's night and I can just relax. Even better: I had a wonderful babysitter come over and she was amazing with the children. I feel so blessed and thank God for bringing Stephanie into our lives!! What an amazing young lady. Tonight I relax!!!


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