Tuesday, April 27

Short lived

Two nights ago, my mother decided it was time for my dad to come home. She realized that she could no longer live alone. So yesterday was moving day for dad once again. Unfortunately, both of my little ones are very sick- running fevers, coughing, icky noses, and general crankiness so Mackenzie's movie night with mom was a no go. That meant Dad had to settle in without anyone distracting mom. Oh the poor guy. The anguish that he had to endure was rather great last night. Considering I was not there, I am relaying what I pieced together from phone conversations with dad and mom.
It all started with meatloaf. That dreaded meat in a pan that wants to be a loaf of bread but never will attain that status. Seriously, who decided to put meat in a pan and call it meat loaf. The very name induces vomit like sensations. I mean meat a la mode sounds better or meat pie. Anyway my mother has wanted some of this disgusting dish and so I decided to make it. Now I don't generally cook meat and have never cooked meatloaf. I tried to piece together a recipe from my mother and father and one hour later, I had a pile of meat in a loaf pan (YUCK) s it turns out, the meatloaf tasted rather horrible and I was quite embarrassed by it. My mother tried it and did not like it (real surprised I bet). This caused my mother to be extremely agitated. Dad spent the entire night being reamed out for one thing or another with catastrophic reactions occurring often. From what I remember, he upset her because he makes noises, goes on the computer, puts the trash out the wrong way, puts the mail in the wrong places (anything with a name on it MUST be shredded). And it is not just a quick comment either. For instance, Frank, why did you do that, why that, I don't understand. No stop doing it and do it right wait that is not it Iahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help me. You're doing it on purpose. NAAOOOOOOOOOOOOstop and listen I want that there not there. The mail has our thing our ummm you make me go crazy why don't you do it right. You know what I mean and you don't do it. Screams in between and horrific name calling. And it is rapid fire-none stop endless complaining, harping, and negative insults after insults. Imagine four ceaseless hours of this. First the meal (which I must admit she had every right) then the trash and mail, then his feet which caused her to go mental. He did not wash his feet well enough for her so he rewashes and adds baby powder since soaps and other chemically strong cleanser causes an emotional outburst. Sure enough now baby powder is on the forbidden list. She completely melts down and calls me screaming hysterically about how my dad is trying to kill her how he is a bast****, an evil evil man that does it on purpose. Let me remind you this is baby powder we are talking about. After fifteen minutes of rantings, she is calm for the moment. I am sure many more of these moments occurred and I was not privy to them-thankfully for me not so for dad.

This morning, my phone rings at the wonderful hour of 6:40 and I know that it can only be my mother. Sure enough it is and she is screaming. There is nothing better than waking up from a dead sleep to the insane ramblings of an Alzheimer's mind. She is completely belligerent and making no sense. I gather that my dad must have woke up at 6:00 (dad how dare you :) and actually left for work without making breakfast having coffee or making any major noises. When he left he was respectful enough to say bye to her. I can imagine his plight this morning as he was ready to leave-should I leave or say goodbye.....I am doomed either way so i mind as well get it over with. Ever so quietly sneaking up to the door so Daisy will not go nuts barking and gently, quietly saying, Audrey I am heading to work now. BAMMMMMMMMMM let the antics begin. She basically said some very not nice things-just the kind of things that start you out on the right foot...and now for the moment, Dad is back at Grandmas.
I spent the entire morning from 6:40 until 9:30 on the phone with my mom with the exceptions of her calling my dad and reaming him out again. I am also evil and do nothing for her. I am so busy and wrapped up in my life that I don't take care of her. I never go up there and never give her food. I will take care of everyone else and let her die. I explain that she is welcome over any time and I try to reason with her. I finally wake up enough to know that it is pointless and I need to just let her vent. I cut her short when I had to take the kids to the doctors (both are ill and now on antibiotics) It was sad to listen to her this morning because she is in complete chaos and so confused. Luckily, Kevin will be on his way up there at 4 to get groceries and spend the evening with her. Now it is poor Kevin's time to deal with this situation. Ahh I am sure rougher days are ahead and we must be ready to reef the main sail and hoist a storm jib.


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