Thursday, April 8

For me-a relaxing day

Two great days relaxing: Why? Because I have the most amazing young lady helping me out with my children. I never realized how much help having someone around can be. I feel so refreshed. My heart goes out to her and her situation and I pray for strength for her. Today has been so positive-my Lord is watching out for me and for that I am grateful. With the non-profit, Jason and I have budgeted our money to the last dime. I do not go shopping (ever) buy the bare minimum for groceries, have no sort of entertainment (yes that includes no cable T.V), and live week to week not knowing what we will do. I put my faith in our God that He will touch people's hearts to give to our organization. Amazingly it has worked. I am a control freak and like routine, including a budget. Forfeiting that has been the most difficult part of the non-profit-trusting completely in Jesus is easy in theory but much harder in reality. A lesson that has taken a long time to learn. We are blessed by great family and friends that help out and when I splurge like today and buy McDonalds, I feel guilty. I only wish we could do more for the people we help. While we have little, we have resources and options. Most of our clients have nothing-imagine being 78 and having to work a full time job to survive (just barely) or 87 and having to live with your home at 56 degrees because you do not have enough money to run the heat. The stories we hear on a daily basis now just tear at my strings and makes me give even though it means we might go without. I would rather my house be 56 and do without if that means she will have the heat. God has called us to be good stewards and use our gifts whether it be financial or physical to bring Him glory. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue on our grant journey. I am submitting them next week -wahooooooo.
My mother to day has not called me but twice. While she was difficult, I know not the details. I do know that she is very confused with the phone and the ac.... Time is growing short before she will have to let my dad move back in. As it is, she wants him every night and gets despondent when she does not see him. That is a good thing-as she realizes that she needs someone, she will be ok with him coming back. I feel for my dad though because I know it will not be easy. I can only pray that we get the SS in May. Speaking of which, time to go work on some letters. Night Night.


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