Saturday, July 2

My mom's writings

I came across these the other day and I wanted to share them.  My mother was an amazing story teller and an amazing writer.  Here are some of her poems.
Poetry is the verse of all time
It eases the soul and quiets the mind
The words float like music
on waves of the sea
It's a beckon to all even to me

The times have changed
I want land but cannot afford it
I want peace but cannot seek it
I want obedience but cannot obtain it
I want to live in the times when these were easy gains but cannot
so I must forget it

Some lie in bed and fall asleep
to them I raise my glass
For I lie down and lay awake
to sleep is my big task
I think of things the whole night through
The answers never near
To sleep in peace with thoughts behind
would be a dream I hear
Some say to drink or take a pill
But I know that is wrong
To have a day with mellow times
would make sleep come along
The further away the light is the better I see
For in the darkness I can find the souls and minds of people.
I sense the ever growing fear among them and the need to be accepted
To love is to hold dear no matter what hurt has been caused
To reach and feel when nothing is returned
In darkness I love all
In the light I know not of Love
To find Love in the light is to find eternity

Some poets rhymn their words
Some write a peaceful jumble
But I do neither, both, nor ever
will make the sense I feel
To feel a sense is one thing
to write it in words another
As long as I can write one
I do not seek the other

He's drinking, stoned or popping
Any thrill he tries to seek
The world to him is dismal
how to make it through the week
The night time is his glory

The day time is his gloom
He doesn't want to talk at all
just stay up in his room
The music helps to ease his pain
to soothe his troubled mind
But when the morning comes again
Happiness he does not find
He tries to stop the boozing
He tries to stop the pills
But each step that he's taken
He discovers he has no will
He wished his mind was stronger
His feelings more secure
but how to find his place in life
Is more than he can endure
He tries to seek the answers
but finds no excuse
For why he does the things he does
His body's constant abuse
Some day his world will better be
Some day he'll feel accepted
But until then, what we will see
Is a mind that's not corrected.

Few struggle to climb the hill
Less then few make it
Those that make it are gravely disappointed
For what they thought would be
reached isnot what they encountered
Oh yes! The riches where there, the fame and attention
But freedom was gone, that was the payment
Freedom to eat in peace, to walk the beach unnoticed
Freedom to shop for one's own food, to dine with friends
True friends were gone, replaced by greedy people
To be noticed as a person, not a God or thing
Once you have made it up the hill, you can never return
For to try to descend would leave you a shadow of what you once were
I dream to be up the top of the hill, the fear of fame does not scare me, but thrills my very soul
What keeps me down the hill is love
Also I know that my veins havenot turned cold enough, cold enough to make the venture.

If I could take the smile from certain people and install them on my bedroom wall
I feel I would never be depressed again
There are those who have smiles that shine a brighter light than the sun
And to view it is worth more to me than a view of the future
I need their smiles to see me through those days when the world seems dismal
Dark and bleak to the depths of my soul
I do not seek depression, it seeks me
To cast it out is more work than I've ever encountered elsewhere
Those certain smiles cut the work in half
I fear without them, I would never escape the dark and dreary days
But be trapped forever, and never see the way

Happy Hour
To drink until your mind is boggled
what fun to be so stoned
but then alas you sense a difference
you feel that you're alone
the feeling comes on stronger
the room begins to spin
you feel your stomach churning
everything is out that was in
The color isn't pretty
the smell is really gross
the people all around you
they know who had the most
you hang your head embarrassed
go home and try to sleep
swear never to go back there
but soon it is next week
the embarrassment is gone and happy hour is near
maybe you can gibe it up
but you will wait until next year

I am embarrassed to be white
as there are those who are embarrassed to be black
I am human, more than I am white
They are human more than they are black
I feel sadness to see fellow humans treating each other with useless hate
to march in robes of virgin white, for the sole purpose of hurting other humans
is the saddest event of all time
I cry when I look around, I fear what the end will bring
There is no way to change, it has gone too far and far too long
There are evil and good humans in very race, creed, and color
judge not the skin but the soul
it is so hard to be good in our times, don't knock down those who are
Those who will pay in the end are the children yours and mine.

My God is good
He knows my weaknesses
He looks into the depths of my heart and leads me
Though I was lost in a hole of depression and misery, He lifted me out with ease
He gave me the gift of faith through salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ
How to repay such a gift I know not.
He lifted my burdens
He quited my fears
He put love in my heart and showed me the path to take
He gave me strength to face tomorrow with hope and joy to live today
May I in wisdom learn to do all his wishes and show the world the glory of my God
My God is good.


Gayle D. said...

Wow- the picture of your mom by the door looks JUST like you Kim- I thought it was you. Beautiful writings...

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