Monday, June 20

What to do

This is from today

Update for everyone:  My mom has not eaten for three days, has not had a bowel movement in days, her urine is the color of tea and she only is going two or three times a day, she does not want to drink much and we have to try pretty hard to get her to drink, she is able to shuffle still but is stooped over, she occasionally can sit on her own, is very disoriented and does not know how to navigate her own house.  Something happened on our birthday that changed her. On Tuesday night she was still there slightly and on Friday she was a completely different person.  Kevin noticed the change on Wednesday so we realized it was after I left on Tuesday night.  I started to observe her the last few days and am making an emergency visit to her doctors tomorrow.  Dad, Kevin , and I are kinda shook up and not sure what to do.  This came so quickly that we are not ready.  There are so many questions, like do we force water and food on her, get all the testing done to see if it was a mini stroke or UTI or other issues, do we give her a suppository to help with the bowel movements, do we get home health...So many questions.  selfishly I want to but I think she is better off to just let her body take over and just hold her hand through out.  Tomorrow we will have some answers!!!

For friends and family:  My mother does not want anyone to call her if you have notbeen calling regularly.  You can call me, Kevin, or Dad.  ...If it changes and she wants to hear from you, we will let you know. 


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