Friday, May 27

ah Life

It is an embarrassment to write this or even try to justify myself but here goes. For those of you who know me, you realize that I like to have proper grammar and spelling. Occasionally I speak incorrectly, but it is not often. I was proven wrong by my brother on a convo about good vs. well today, but generally I have extensive knowledge in this area. However, it has come to my attention that often I overlook many grammatical errors and misspellings. I do realize this and yet I do nothing to change it. Why is this? Well, with my busy life, I find it harder and harder to get on my laptop and actually blog. It is important for me to do so and I attempt to make time. The time unfortunately is in the late hours of the night and often my brain is at its end. I partly enjoy it because I write freely and completely unguarded. I also do not have the time to reread what I write. It is just my brain releasing everything into my fingers and they run with the keyboard. Sometimes it is 2 or 3 in the morning and I finally realize that in just three hours my husband will be awakening followed by my children. It is in that moment that I end abruptly and shut down my computer. So please find humor in my strange sentences that sometimes imply and entirely different meaning. Although I have strayed away from expressing my crazy life, I will indulge today. Here is my week in a glance. If anyone can compare please let me know. I would love another person that runs almost nonstop.

So we will start with Friday last week.

Friday June 20: I awaken at 7:15 get my children up, feed dog & children, get dressed, get to my daughter's school where I am subbing in her class for a few hours. Stay at her school until 11:30 and head to Grandma Fischer’s (a works in faith client). As I am ordering food at Wendy's, I pull out and get hit by a young teen driving a new red camaro. Police arrive and we leave an hour later. By now it is too late to head down to visit Grandma Fischer so we go home. I arrive home and get everything together to report the accident. Two clients call with different issues, two of our teen mothers stop by and need rides. I take them to where they need to go and run back home.  I quickly tidy up the house and get ready to head over to my mothers. I bath mom and visit until 11:30.

Saturday morning hubby had to work for Works in Faith doing plumbing. Kenzie wakes up with a 102.8 fever. I went to Grandma Fischer's and spent two hours with the children and her. Traveled back up and went to visit another client. At home and a person comes to the door to ask for gas. Jason is home now and helps him out. Neighborhood teen stops by and visits. He leaves and another neighborhood teen comes by. Kenzie still running super high fever but happy as can be.

Sunday Kenzie still sick, Church in am and nothing else major all day. A few teens come by to visit but that is all.

Monday: Dr for kenzie in morning, still super high fever. Run some errands, clean the house, check on friend that had to go for surgery, pick up teen mom to bring to dr, get home drop off children with J and go to teen mom meeting. Lead the group in a devotional and discuss child development until 7. Drop off students and check on friend that had surgery. Teen mom comes by and stays for an hour; another teen mom comes and stays for another hour.

 Tuesday morn: Kenzie has strep so I keep her home one more day. Pick up my friend who had surgery and bring her to my house. Care for her, her son, and 3 month old baby plus my two. Run some errands, pick up dinner from someone who cooked for us, pick up friend's other two girls, go home. I do homework for girls, watch baby, care for the mother, and keep chaos from breaking out between 6 children. Drop off family and go to mom's until 11:30. Come home clean up and prepare for next day, blog until 3.

Wed: wake up at 7 take kenzie to school pick up friend and children run errands go to house care for baby, mom , my son and her son. Someone drops by to ask for help with SSI case another friend stops by for coffee. Kenzie is dropped off by dad. Go pick up the other girls. Six children again. Teen mom stops by another stops by, and another stops by. Jason comes home. Knock on the door and two gentlemen need a ride to church. One has not eaten for two days so J gets them food and gets them to church. I bring my friend and family home at 7 and off to hospital for one of our teens that is having complications in hospital.

Today repeat of yesterday completely except that we had April to help watch the children with me (Thanks April) Go to hospital again and get home at 11:30

. Now tomorrow I get to drop off kenzie, pick up the family drive to Grandma Fischer’s, take a teen dad to job interview, come back to watch friend's daughter go in a limo ride for school, pick up kenzie, sit for a bit, go pick up girls, check on teen mom in hospital, six children in my home, then go to my mothers. Thanks for letting me write such a boring blog tonight. Just want to know if anyone else's life is as crazy. I go from 7 in the morning until 12 at night almost every day. This week alone 14 people have come to me in need of help and it has only been four days. I must say though that God sure gives me opportunities to be a good disciple for him and I am grateful for the chances to be a witness for him.


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