Sunday, May 15

tears are falling like the rain

Last night I was able to go on a date with my husband.  We had a great time at dinner and then I decided to return the phone call from my mother.  Even though it was our first date in a very long time, my wonderful husband offered to go over to my mom's house to help her out.  Mom was stuck in a rut and Dad needed some distraction to get her happy again.  So over to mother's house we go.  1/2 hour later, she has used the restroom, taken her medicine, picked out her movies, and turned that scowl into jubilation. 

Today I found a random dvd and decided to see what was on it.  I have not stopped tearing up.  I just finally made it through the entire video and that is only because I am editing to upload.  As I was viewing this video from 1998 (or 97), I could not stop thinking how we have been robbed.  She had such life and such zest; now we are left with a zombie like human that cannot stand what she has become. This is during christmas and the first five minutes are her instructing my father how to take the video.  She asks him if he is holding it right, zooming in, getting her opening the present, and many other orders.  I edited it to this part because it just seemed somehow the best begining spot. I will leave you with this video of my mother back when she had complete connections. Dad, you may not want to watch, it might make you cry like you haven't cried in a while!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kim the Video is not available because of privacy settings. Good Luck and take care....

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