Thursday, February 17

My dear Gloria

I have not cried like this in a very long time.  Tears are pouring out and I cannot stop them.  My little "adopted" girl Gloria was taken today into protective custody and I feel so conflicted.  I know that it is the best thing for her and yet not being able to talk to her or know how she is doing has broken my heart.  I am in utter anguish-it is like my own little girl has been taken from me.  No matter what I do I cannot stop thinking about her.  The worse part is that since she falsely accused her uncle of choking her a month ago, I have not allowed her over until she retracted her statement.  Since she never retracted her statement, I have not let her in despite her many attempts to come over.  Just Saturday she called me and I had to call her back.  When I did, she was not there.  That was the last time I heard her voice.  And right now for some bizarre twist of fate, I just want to call my mother and cry to her.  It has been years since she held me in her arms and comforted me.  Mostly because I did not need much comforting throughout my life.  But when I did need a good hearty cry, into Mom's arms I went.  Now, I cannot even mention this situation much less shed a tear over Gloria.  There are just those moments in life when a girl needs her mother and this is one of them.  Please say some prayers for dear Gloria-that she is in a good foster home.  Thanks.


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