Wednesday, February 9

37 year anniversary

To those of you that read my late night post-sorry I deleted it but after rereading it, realized how much rambling I did.  I had gone over to my mothers and was so sleepy that I kept falling asleep to a five hour movie called pride and prejudice bbc style.  My only saving grace was she wanted it to be finished by 11 so we had to fast forward the parts she did not want to watch.  Thankfully she did not realize I kept dozing or it could have been bad.  When I got home, my poor son had a begining temp that continued to rise.  He ended up throwing up allover the place late late last night.  It continued throughout today and now is resting well. Busy day cleaning beds, couches, toilets, and everything else that he christined. 

Last night was quite difficult to handle emotionally.  She was so confused-she hates having to go to bed early and does not understand why we want to do it to her.  This one change has her completely thrown off.  She cannot choose what movie she wants.  Literally we put in one movie and as soon as it starts she asks for another.  We put it in and as soon as that starts she wants the first one.  Try doing this five or six sometimes ten times without losing your patience.  It is a true skill.  Then she gets hot, the air comes on she gets cold then it turns off and she is hot...All her movements are getting much more rigid and difficult.  She cannot drink well from the cup or swallow her pills without extreme trouble.  She no longer attempts to wash her hands-we have to remind her which she repleis I know that I have to do it.  She pets her blanket instead of Daisy, grabs your hand as a phone, and generally gets lost in most conversations. Today was her and my father's 37 year anniversary and we could not say anything.  The first year that we neglected to remind her.  Every holiday becomes a fiasco so we figured why ruin the day.  This way dad can celebrate by remembering some of the good dinners and dates they had rather than try to patch up a broken day.  But for what it is worth-HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DAD & MOM.  WE love you and are glad you made it through 37 years.


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