Saturday, August 13

Tori leaves

It is less then three hours before my best friend will leave and I wish there was more time. Not only was it extremely uplifting to have her here, but our children got along better than I ever anticipated. Mom was so happy to see T the first night we went up there. She even let her join our movie night extravagansa. She told T that she loved her which is more than we have gotten in the last few days. Today, T got to bring her children to meet my mom (the little baby especially since mom has never seen him). Joshue (the baby) cooed with mom and was so sweet to her. Mom had a great big smile on her face for a little while.

Mom is not doing so well but according to a new hospice nurse, is not actively dying or if so she is in the early start of it. So I am realizing that these people do not have a better idea about this than the three of us with our knowledge. We are trying to utilize the services but it seems to make things harder rather than easier. Today a gentleman nurse arrives and before he can even greet mom, his phone rings and he states that he will be back in an hour. Three hours pass before he comes back and with his trainer. They kept talking about her dying while she oculd hear. Mom soiled the bed and they did not even offer to help us...Needless to say, Hopsice and I are not seeig eye to eye on many things and tonight they arrived and made mom so agitated that dad had to ask them to leave.

I am trying to type quick so I can go to sleep early so please excuse the lack of detial or information. I will update tomorrow


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