Monday, March 28


I did get buried under all that fabric, but now it has been lifted off of me and I may resume my life :) Life has been quite crazy for me and I realized after I wrote my rough draft (actually my brother pointed out) that my writing is becoming more like a personal diary rather than my mother's progression into this despicable disease called Alzheimer's.  She is spiralling out of control and every day we are preparing for the crash landing of the day.  My brother has posted some videos on youtube and I am adding them here in order from February the 22nd, March 9th ish, and March 23.  You can see the quick progression of the disease in just one month.  Notice that in the early part of march we increased her risperdone to 1ml a day and the effects are amazing in her behaviors but not so great in every other area.  I now have to lift her into a car, lift her into and out of the bath, we have to hand feed her, and she can barely take her pills.  She takes an hour to figure out what her nightly schedule is and what movie to what.  So this blog is brief, just take time to view his videos and I will add mine next time.  The most amazing part of all this is while her behaviors, fine motor, gross motor, expressive language, and self help skills are regressing from a two year old to an 18 month old, her receptive language, comprehension and memory is still function well.  She is able to understand virtually most everything that is going on in her life.  She even told me how fast it was slipping away that she no longer can get in the car and that she feels herself dying.  She says her body is not working right anymore and she feels death. Another amazing thing is that her love for Our Lord and Savior is still strong.  She begged me to take her to church this weekend and we went.  She started her praise tapes again and the last video is her and the praises!!! God is so powerful and so marvelous and she has found peace once again.

Mom wanted to prank the internet, but she couldn't form the the words. "Stuff with it" = the internet. etc etc... Wish we could have pulled this off but she's fading too fast :( She was worried that I would get in trouble if I pretended to be evil. (hence the lawyer etc)... either way, it's too bad she faded.... she has always been a prankster and she would have loved to pull this off. (oh and the "Dying" is her thinking that Johnny from The Dead Zone was sort of real and the "Guy in Congress" is from the TV show too.
Or this might be part two really, I'm not sure. Either way, Main reason I posted this is because this is one of the last times I saw my mom able to eat properly. I will post one soon of her eating skills nowadays...she cannot figure out how to eat anymore
 Kim speaking: mymother was supposed to be laughing.  In the movie sense and sensibility, one of the woman always laughs when her husband is curt to her. So instead of mom getting upset with Dad when he is short, she was supposed to laugh.  Instead this is the sound she made.  For two weeks my Dad had no idea what she was doing...The funniest part is now my daughter goes around doing it alllllll the time.
My sister totally made her hair look retarded the night before, and my mom was laughing about it the whole next day. I'm glad I caught it on video, KUDOS SIS :) and as my mom states, my sister isn't usually the "goofy" one, so it was even more perfect..

This is my hair now after an amazing hair cut
My side note: Here is the picture I took-it was hideous and quite embarrassing.

early March explain to her how in the T.V. show "The Dead Zone" the character Johnny does this weird shaky hand thing before he makes "Spooky Eyes" and sees his vision .

Now Walking the Dog
This is my mom having a bad moment. After about 3 minutes of her just staring off into nothing, I booted up the camera. Notice the difference a month makes...This is literally after about 3-4 minutes of her doing the same thing and continued for about 5 min after I stopped taping. All because my dad came home to take a nap, it totally threw her off. (Long story...and poor Dad, can't come home to take a nap..)


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