Tuesday, October 5


After three days, my mother is still as cantankerous and angry as ever.  She is bashing Dad every chance she gets, finding error in everything he does or does not do.  Somehow she has turned walmart on him.  She complains of a sore throat everyday and finally the realization came to my brother that it is because she screams so much.  I mean Halloween eerie loud shrieky scream.  I have never heard a scream like it and am seriously thinking of taping it and marketing it.  For some reason she has decided to be angry with me since I suggested that she should go into her room and get away from dad if he is upsetting her.  Then today, she decided that Kevin was a f****** stupid thing, a demon, and some other intensely evil ramblings. For two hours he sat there listening to her on a shrill rant about the evils of my father and me.  I am thinking that a few more days of this and we will need to reintroduce her little friend risperdone.  Only this time it will be a new and improved vitamin b 900 or something. 

Please keep us in your prayers as we undergo all the tests and travels out of town for the children.  Also pray that some grants go through for our works in faith organization. 


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