Friday, September 2


I have been blessed with such amazing friends that have helped me with dinner this entire week-strange that I have no desire to eat, a similar feeling shared by my father and brother. It has been rather an up and down battle for us. I was surprised at how well I was doing-only a few minor blimps with an occasional tearing up. It wasn't until my cousin sent me a bunch of memories that I let loose (which for me is really just a slight cry). It felt good to relive some of the memories and I was amazed at the detail and description of my mother from his eye. Of all the thoughtful things that people have done for me, this topped it. Just hearing about her and thinking about her brought such happiness followed by those tears. losing someone like my mother or anyone's loved one, leaves such a pit in your stomach. It is indescribable-just a feeling of emptiness that you try to fill but I cannot pour enough back into it to make it whole again. The memories help but it is still empty. I miss her more than I thought and am thankful for the videos. T hey will be a comfort to watch and see my mom once again.


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