Friday, August 13

Movie night reinstated

Well I got to contribute after all.  Upon hearing the news that my son will need to have a colonoscopy and upper gi, my mother called me.  Just like that all the tears and screams and insults are forgotten and that chapter closed.  And just like that, movie night is on again.  I am grateful that my dad gets a little reprieve, slightly sad that I had less than an hour to get myself ready to go up there. 

Mom was completely out of it when I got there.  We did manage to redo her bathroom and make her showers a lot easier.  It was depressing to see the set up and realize that she now needs aids to complete almost anything.  Dad took down the glass doors (which is good because I can see them getting broken in the near future) and he installed a shower head with a handle.  We also put in the  "chair".  You know that ugly chair with handles and a seat with no bottom (a chair that also goes over the toilet).  She got in and sat down while I bathed her.  The nice thing is that the showerhead has two heads one that keeps water on her and the handle that I can control.  It kept her from getting chilled and allowed me to clean her.  It was so much easier than the past few times. 

I also believe I may have fixed her air.  By shear luck, I moved the vents away and down and now she is loving it.  We shall see in the morning just how it went.  I realized as I walked into my house that I forgot to put the seat back in the shower.  She has not tried it out on the toilet yet  and I am terrified of the late night trip to the bathroom.  The problem is my father is now asleep and considering what he has been through, I hate to call to wake him up and possibly create a problem where there may not be one.  She is in such a great mood that if he unexpectedly wakes up, it will confuse her.  So I take the chance that she will be able to sit down (we did practice rounds so hopefully...I keep my fingers and toes crossed).  I am hoping she is so exhausted that she may crash early tonight.   
My grandmother is in the hospital so please keep her in your prayers.  Also keep my dad in your prayers as he has to manage things.  I want to say thank you to my brother for running up there yet again and helping out so much.  I also want to say thank you to my uncle and aunt-they take such good care of my grandmother and are such a blessing to my father.  My dad and I went roller blading the other day (pictures to be posted) and my father commented on how blessed he is to have my uncle here and how nice it is to know that there is someone that is always willing to help and never once complains when asked to do something.  I thought back to all the years I have known my aunt and uncle and I realized that I cannot think of one time when they complained or moaned about anything.  That is a rare thing-especially considering how much they do for others and never even make it seem like they do anything at all.  A true act of compassion-never taking credit for all they do, but brush it aside.  I notice and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!


dad said...

Definitely not my best pictures, but I do love the duct tape!!!

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